In accordance with the Significant Change regarding Microsoft 365 for Education announced by Microsoft in August 2023, Microsoft will adjust the storage quotas for higher education users starting from February 1, 2024. The new storage model will provide schools and universities with a maximum of 100TB of pooled cloud storage shared across all of the institution’s users. Furthermore, starting from August 2024, Microsoft will also terminate the permission to download and use the Office applications for educational version M365 accounts; users will only be able to use the online version of Office 365 from that time.

In line with this change, the institution will adjust the storage quotas for each account starting from January 2024. We kindly request all users who are currently using the service to reduce their storage usage to below 25GB as soon as possible to avoid any disruption to your normal usage. Service will no longer be provided for accounts of students who have graduated, so please backup and delete your data ASAP.

The storage space for each account includes OneDrive online storage, Exchange (mail), and SharePoint document libraries. If your usage exceeds the 25GB quota after January 1, 2024, we will be required to suspend your account. Your account will be deleted in February 2024 to ensure the fair use of resources for other users.

Thanks for your cooperation and support.

Best Regards,

Information and Network Division

Contact Person: Huang, Chung-Yan

Ext. 2551