Changes to the Usage Rights of Microsoft M365 (Teams) ( Account

  1. In accordance with the Significant Change regarding Microsoft 365 for Education announced by Microsoft in August 2023, Microsoft will adjust the storage quotas for higher education users starting from February 1, 2024. The new storage model will provide schools and universities with a maximum of 100TB, and each individual account will be limited to a storage capacity of 100GB.
  2. Furthermore, starting from August 2024, Microsoft will also terminate the permission to download and use the Office applications for educational version M365 accounts; users will only be able to use the online version of Office 365 from that time.
  3. To avoid service disruptions due to exceeding storage limits, which could affect the entire institutional community’s access to Microsoft services, the institution will begin to limit the amount of storage each account can use starting in 2024. All users currently utilizing these services are requested to reduce their storage usage to below 100GB. Furthermore, by January 2026, the institution plans to further restrict the storage capacity of each account to 100GB (or less). Users are advised to carefully plan their storage usage and to organize data backup and deletion plans for 2026.
  4. Starting from July 1, 2024, accounts belonging to alumni (including all previous graduates) and former faculty and staff members will no longer be retained and will be progressively deleted. Those affected are advised to back up their data independently before June 30, 2024, if needed
  5. The storage capacity for each account includes space on OneDrive, Exchange (mail), and SharePoint (website services). Users who are currently using more than 1TB of storage are urged to back up and delete their data as soon as possible. For accounts with excessive usage, the Information and Network Division will begin deactivating them after June 2024. Affected users should contact the Information and Network Division to reactivate their accounts and clear their files. If files are not cleared by the user, the accounts will be deleted in July 2024 to protect the rights of other users.